Limerick Junction

I stated after coming home from travelling in a very emotional blog post that after so much travelling that Ireland in fact could be the strangest place of all. (Always wanted to quote myself). (A small aside actually, a couple typos or mis-use of words in previous posts have been pointed out to me but I’m not really going to edit them as for me that is not what blogging is about, that’s what college essays are about for sure, but I like to think I’m using a poetic licence and that it is interesting rather then everyone writing the same way or with the same style and so waht yuo dno’t need them to be speled rigth to raed them… – maybe I should put this in my about page too- except no one actually ever reads that..)


Back to Ireland, it takes a different perspective to see things unique and interesting about your own country. It takes curiosity, amazement and finally motivation to then take those musing to a laptop or journal and articulate it. This piece is describing a place mentioned in my previous post “That’s my seat”. Limerick Junction.

There are many strange things about Limerick Junction beginning with the popular table quiz question..Which county is Limerick Junction in? Tipperary. (As opposed to Limerick for non-natives). It was originally named Tipperary junction in 1848 when it was built. It serves to connect Limerick, Waterford, Cork, and Dublin lines. As the saying in Ireland goes “All  good roads lead to Dublin” so too it seems does the rail. Limerick junction is important as a link to the entire rail network and yet for years trains had to reverse into it. It’s complex layout, signal system etc has apparently earned it a unique place in railway lore. It does look like four platforms dropped in the middle of the countryside but in fact a hamlet has grown alongside it to include of course a pub, an integral part of Irish society. You can even get the weather forecast for Limerick Junction. ( Which is never needed as light rain is a guarantee) The layout though is so complex you can check out the three paragraphs on it on wiki. Train stuff isn’t a hobby of mine believe it or not. Suffice to say 48 trains pass there a day…

blog 3

In 2016 someone stole a pair of railway gates from Limerick Junction. It just attracts mystical occurrences. It is hard to explain why I’m writing about it. It just seems so impractical and therefore sooo Irish. Waiting in cold wind at Limerick Junction in the dark in a scary place where I have found myself. Standing there as the bright train to cork pulls out and you’re left waiting for another train hoping it will come. No buildings in sight I calculate the miles I’d have to cycle home. As the rain drives in and with no coverage on your phone it feels like the most isolated place in Ireland. Welcome to Ghoul Lumnigh.





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