Hey there, I’m writing this blog to share my crazy adventures often called typical Jess adventures and I love writing. The accidental backpacker is exactly what I am. I’m an Irish girl who barely thought about travelling before I decided to coach rowing in Sydney for a few months. Completely and totally out of my comfort zone. So I packed up my things and moved out of home for the first time ever and across the world. I was such a home-bird but recently I’ve begun to wonder if I am anymore? Those few months? Well its nearly sixteen months as I type this.

The only travelling I wanted to do was to see the Great Barrier Reef but that magically in one moment changed into the entire East coast of Australia and now I’m hooked. Dipping my toe in and I got yanked into life-changing adventures. So you see the term accidental backpacker rings true in so many ways. I hope that my stories and adventures will be exciting and entertaining. What I really want is to encourage someone who never thought they could travel, or, they may want to. I hope they finally get up and do it. I hope they can see me, quite a shy, quiet girl beforehand and look at what I did and will do. How travelling is as valuable as education. After-all  “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about making yourself.”

I have now finished two years in Australia and I am travelling around Asia for six months and hopefully will make enough time to continue to update this 🙂 Happy reading!

I have not settled back in Ireland but patiently and stubbornly save money and I am attempting to get a Third level education here (harder than you may think in my situation) and hope there are at least tasters of adventure throughout these couple of ‘stationary’ years to keep me and this blog going.



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  1. So nice to read blog posts about my home! I live south of the GBR in Noosa but at the moment I’m working as a Divemaster in Thailand. I love reading your posts about diving at home! The Ex-HMAS Brisbane is my local dive and Sunreef my local dive shop so I’m glad you liked it! x


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